About us

The current Ski Team Lagorai Tesino ASD is the result of the merger of the former Ski Team Lagorai and the Lagorai Cima d’Asta Ski Mountaineering Committee. These two local institutions had needed for long to be united. They are both strongly rooted in the territory and over the years have contributed to the growth of this
part of the eastern Lagorai still so wild and rich with great sporting, tourist and cultural potential.

Thus, a group of hard working enthusiastic professionals in the sector and various collaborators, gave life to the new Ski Team Lagorai Tesino ASD, an association focussing not only on the sport activities but also very sensitive to its multiple bonds with the territory, not limited to the Conca del Tesino, but also to Valsugana and nearby Vanoi.


Our association inherits also the destiny of the famous and renowned “Scialpinistica Lagorai Cima d’Asta”,
super classic of the national and international panorama when it comes to competitions on high-level ski mountaineering.

Thanks to the collaboration of volunteers, sponsors and local companies, the Lagorai Tesino ASD Ski Team also takes care and organizes the night ski mountaineering competition, the Lunagaro, now in its tenth
edition, a competition that takes place on the slopes of Monte Agaro. The race uses the slopes of the Funivie Lagorai ski resort, and it is a race that for the 2019 season entered the FISI national circuit.

In addition to the above, the foundation of a ski mountaineering school for young people and teenagers was also promoted, currently about twenty, a unique situation in Valsugana and among the very few in Trentino
that is giving flattering and satisfactory results. Among its successes, for example, the inclusion of some of our athletes within the Trentino Ski Mountaineering Committee. Ski Team Lagorai Tesino ASD is not just ski mountaineering.

In fact the Cima d’Asta Sky Race was also created. It is a mountain running race that is transferred inspiring principles of the winter ski competition of Cima d’Asta to the summer race.
The Ski Team members are about 200 with rather heterogeneous origins but all from places that, geographically speaking, revolve around our Cima d’Asta, namely Tesino, Valsugana, Primiero and Vanoi.